The Story of Sedd

Whenever someone asks me what is Sedd, I find it hard to explain mainly because I try hard to explain every aspect that the person asking the question gets bored and uninterested (it also could be that the person asking because of the awkward silence and really doesn’t care). But what most people come out of my “deep” explanation is that Sedd is a news website, which it’s kinda not and it’s frustrating when people come to that conclusion, it’s like saying Samsung is a phone company. While my main focus of this site is news I’d like to think it’s more then that, it’s a place where people come to share content (mainly news yes), but also a place where people can’t also vote and comment and the best content on top of the front page, it doesn’t matter who you are, whether you famous or just a guy sitting in front of his computer wanting to be noticed (did I just over share?) The only thing that matters is what content you submit, it’s relevance. Further more whether you are a small obscure blog or a big News Corps like News24, what only matters is your content and how people interact with it.


Sedd is a place where you can read, submit, Vote, like and comment on content. You are in control of what gets shared on Sedd not Me, you drive the conversation and the entire site. You decide if this Site becomes a place where serious conversations take place or strikes a more Entertainment tone. (Personally I prefer both).

What is Sedd
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What is Sedd
Here I explain what this site is.

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