• Thomas Lunga

    This is an awesome article wow. I still remember my mxit name “Mr Incredible” 🤣

  • Arlene Verhaeghe

    this has been so long. remember the group chats and joe the banker and moola

    • Nasir Ali

      This is a great website, it needs alot of improvements. But it’s a brilliant idea, great job mthobisi

      • Nasir Ali

        Yeah it is but most of the things in this website are tech based. I wish there was some more genres

      • Mthobisi Mseleku
          Hey nasir much appreciated. if you have any amazing ideas just send through an email at [email protected]. other then that I have been working on a few upgrades like a downvote button, like and save button, the ability to save your favourite stories and the ability to follow your each other as a community. and keep in mind you can always submit your awesome news articles and even videos by pressing the submit button
  • Scouselad91

    This was an amazing Proudly South African ever app. Before whatsapp or BBM. It sad that we opted for American run companies while we had our own which was way better.

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